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Top 7 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

There is a way to do that, as I write in my eBook, "From Can’t Stand to Understand How to Handle Difficult People." Here are seven steps you can take to improve your people skills by understanding and adapting to people whose behavior can drive you crazy.Learn the characteristics of the four DISC behavioral styles first defined by Harvard psychologist William Moulton Marston in his book, "The Emotions of Normal People" (1928). The four behavioral factors all people have in different degrees are:D Dominant (how we handle problems and challenges)I Influencing (how we influence others)S Steadiness (how we respond to the pace of the environment)C Cautious, Compliant (how we respond to rules set by others)Know How to Identify Each Person’s Core StyleA person’s core style is his/her highest behavioral factor and
replica Michael Kors outlet the one that dominates their behavior. People who have the core D and I styles are extroverted; those with
Michael Kors handbags outlet the core S and C styles are introverted. High I’s and S’s are
cheap Michael Kors outlet people oriented; D’s and C’s are task oriented. Once you’ve determined someone’s core style, you’re better equipped to know how to communicate and relate to them to build rapport and have a more positive relationship. So, identify a person’s
cheap Michael Kors core style this way:Extroverted and task oriented: Core DExtroverted and people oriented: Core
cheap Michael Kors handbags IIntroverted and people oriented: Core
Michael Kors handbags outlet SIntroverted and task oriented: Core CLearn How to Communicate with Each StyleCore D: They admire efficient, confident people. DO be clear, specific, brief and to the point; stick to business, be efficient. DON’T waste their time, be disorganized, ramble, socialize, or chit chat.Core I: They want to socialize, so DO be friendly and outgoing, let them talk and share experiences, smile and laugh with them. DON’T patronize or talk down to them, be too businesslike, unfriendly or impersonal, or take credit for their ideas.Core S: Tone down your speech and body language with them. DO be patient, sincere, logical, soft spoken, and non threatening. DON’T be loud, abrupt or rapid, threaten or pressure them, force quick decisions, touch or move things on their desk.Core C: They need a lot of data, facts, and time to make a decision, so DO be straightforward, accurate, and realistic, present specifics, be organized and follow through, give them space, keep your distance. DON’T be disorganized, messy, casual,
cheap Michael Kors informal, abrupt, chatty, or try to convince them with feelings and opinions.There’s a lot more to understanding how to relate to each style, but these guidelines will go a long way in helping you improve your communication with others.Know Your Own Style’s Strengths and WeaknessesThe goal is to capitalize on your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. Ironically, a weakness or limitation is usually a strength overdone.Core D strengths:
replica Michael Kors handbags Makes quick decisions, efficient, gets things done, and likes to be in charge.Core D weaknesses: Can be domineering, intimidating, abrasive, impatient, makes decisions without thinking of the consequences.Core I strengths: Good conversationalist, friendly, optimistic, trusting, good at giving presentations and mediating conflicts.Core I weaknesses: Can over control the conversation, poor listener, rambles, can be unrealistic and too trusting.Articles Connexes:

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